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I am a recent graduate from the University of Michigan with a degree in Plant Biology and a current Rackham Graduate School candidate for a master's program in the Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology department at Michigan.

The staggering chemical diversity medicinal plants exhibit, and still have yet to be discovered, has inspired me to investigate the biochemistry of specialized metabolism responsible for synthesizing therapeutically beneficial natural products using the latest biochemical, molecular, and computational tools. One of the most stimulating facets of metabolic engineering and plant specialized metabolism is that pathway discovery has been accelerated with our recent understanding of how many genes involved in metabolic pathways are found clustered together.

Cannabis metabolism is one research interest of mine, however I see potential in investigating a myriad of specialized metabolite-producing species and using biotechnological production systems to better understand metabolic networks between genes, transcripts, enzymes, and metabolites. I want to discover, architect, and combine various metabolic pathways to achieve genetically predetermined and optimized phytochemical profiles. New concepts and technologies in the fields of pathway discovery and metabolic engineering that interest me include MALDI tissue typing, metabolic flux to specialized cells, and engineering leaf architecture such as trichomes.

Timothy Mladenovic
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