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The Mission of Green Wolverine 

is to prepare and support the next generation of cannabis professionals

through exposure to opportunities in the legal cannabis industry & ancillary fields

by educating the community and facilitating industry engagement.

How We Do It

Community Education

Teach the community of Green Wolverine,

Ross, University of Michigan, and Ann Arbor

Industry Engagement

Foster an ecosystem between students, faculty, local organizations, and national companies

Guest Speakers

Community Events

Industry Research

Professional Partnerships

Networking Events

Jobs & Internships

Green Wolverine strives to provide access to updated knowledge and
professional opportunities in the cannabis industry. We recognize that the standard business curriculum rarely mentions the cannabis market and the impact on ancillary industries, so our goal is to bridge the gap in education with access to the
most current and direct sources of information. Although we are challenged by the
historical obstacles of social stigma, lack of education, and outdated legislation,
we approach every conversation with tenacity, integrity, and professionalism.

We do not take a political stance and focus only on completely legal opportunities.

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