Evan Keare


Evan has completed her second year as an Industrial & Operations Engineer, but she is taking the 2020-2021 school year off of classes to pursue a co-op internship. She got involved with Green Wolverine early into her first year with Career Prospecting and creating our website, and spent her sophomore year running Green Wolverine's operations. Evan is thrilled to lead Green Wolverine as President for the 2020-21 year.


Asher Kripke


Asher is a junior studying at Ross concentrating in either Marketing or Technology & Operations. He joined Green Wolverine during his first semester and has been involved in the Investment Fund Committee. He’s very excited to keep us connected and spend this year as our Head of Communications.


Kenny Tobin

Vice President

Kenny is a senior at Ross concentrating in Marketing and Technology & Operations, and pursuing a minor in Chinese Language. Green Wolverine was one of the first organizations Kenny joined as a freshman, and he has contributed to Career Prospecting the past two years. He is very excited to spend his senior year as our Vice President.


Oliver Segal

Member Programs

Oliver is a junior majoring in International Studies, pursuing minors in French and Japanese. He joined Green Wolverine in his freshman year in order to gain a deeper understanding of the cannabis industry and learn from local industry leaders on how to turn cannabis into a career. As Head of Programming, Oliver is excited to oversee the operations of Green Wolverine Investment Fund, Medical, and Legal committees.


David Zachariah


David is a senior at Ross with a concentration in Finance. Green Wolverine was one of the first organizations David joined as a freshman, and he has contributed to both Event Planning and Career Prospecting the last three years. He is very excited to spend his senior year as our Treasurer.


Annie Wang


Annie is a sophomore studying Business Administration with concentrations in Strategy and Management. Annie has already been serving on Ross's BBA DEI Committee as the Inclusive Classroom Co-coordinator, so we're very grateful to have her expertise as our DEI Chair.


Borna Shoa

Career Prospecting

Borna is a Junior in the LSA pursuing a double major in Economics and Computer Science. He joined Green Wolverine after working in a medical cannabis lab and witnessing firsthand the wide range of uses Cannabis has recreationally and medically. He is excited to spend his junior year as co-chair of Career Prospecting.


Joey Cobau

Career Prospecting

Joey is a senior in Ross focusing on Finance and Accounting with a minor in German. He joined Green Wolverine as a junior after working in the cannabis industry and seeing its potential, and became a leader in the Investment Fund Committee. After spending another summer in the cannabis industry, he will be spending his senior year as co-chair of Career Prospecting.


Ellie Henry


Ellie is a junior in LSA Honors pursuing a major in International Political Economy and Development, with minors in both Business and Spanish Language. She joined the Green Wolverine during the first semester of her sophomore year and can’t wait to be co-chair of the Marketing Team and Legal Committee this year!


Sammi Stern


Sammi is a sophomore studying Political Science and Economics, and is a part of the LSA Honors program. She joined Green Wolverine her first semester on campus as a part of our Legal Committee. This year, Sammi is excited to be a co-chair of the Legal Committee and help out on the Marketing Team.

Annie Wang


In addition to DEI Chair, Annie is serving as a social co-chair this year. She joined Green Wolverine because she wanted to meet other passionate and successful individuals with a shared interest, so she is looking forward to keeping the GW community connected throughout the year as Social co-chair!

Joshua Hilton


Josh is a sophomore in the Ross School of Business planning to concentrate in either Finance or Consulting. He joined Green Wolverine his first semester on campus and can't wait to be one of our Social chairs!



Learn about investment basics in the context of the cannabis industry, and use funds from our sponsors to invest in cannabis stock to fuel the global market. (Pictured: 2019 Pitch Competition winners).



Connect with lawyers who specialize in the cannabis industry to learn about law in a new and valuable context, and educate our membership on the scope and nuances of laws as the industry quickly evolves and new legislation is written.



Work with and learn from professors from UM's School of Pharmacy and collaborate on projects that drive the leading edge of cannabis research to keep up with today's rapid industry expansion and market growth, and keep our membership updated and educated.


Ilan Elrom


Joey Cobau


Anna Clifton


Ellie Henry


Sammi Stern


Rachael Rich